You should be tapping into your network to discover free leads.

I want to tell you about free leads. We all want them, we all search for them, and I think a lot of you have them in your pocket right now, but you’re just not tapping into them. Most of us are spending money on pay-per-click or Zillow or some sort of lead generation system to get people to reach out to us. We’re asking people we don’t know to respond to an ad or a call and then develop a relationship and convince them to work with us. There’s a better, easier way.

“Develop a list of up to 120 people.”

We already have a database of people that know and like us. I think we don’t spend enough time trying to work that sphere of influence to generate business. Develop a list of up to 120 people. On that list should be friends, family, co-workers, people you went to school with, neighborhood groups, sports groups, etc. They should be people that you’ve actually met. The first call would be to see how they’re doing. Don’t ask for any business. Once you have a relationship going, you might call them to ask if they’ve given any thought to using real estate as part of their retirement strategy. Just have a discussion with them about it. Let them talk about what kind of retirement strategies they have. You can also ask them if they’re living in their dream house and then ask them to describe what their dream house would be. Take notes because later on, you’re going to look in the MLS for houses that match up with what they said. Then send them an email saying that you know they’re not really interested in moving right now but you saw this house in the MLS and thought you should send it to them. It’s short and sweet and develops a relationship with them that then you can capitalize on later. If you have any questions or want to know more about the system that we use, I’d be happy to share it with you. Give me a call or send me an email and I’ll do what I can to help you out. Have a blessed day.