Here’s a personal story about how I struggled with return on investment.

Sometimes it can seem like the more money you spend in this industry, the less money you make. We’ve all had issues with our return on investment at some point, but I wanted to share a personal experience of mine.

I ran a brokerage that specialized in foreclosures. I worked seven days a week, but didn’t seem to get very far. So I got a business coach and one of his finance guys ran my numbers. He said I was only making $400 a transaction. On the face of it, I was making much more, but once you added in all of the expenses, he was right.

I understand if you’re struggling with return on investment. I was there too, but I did learn a couple of ways we can get more control over our investments. If you want to chat with me about it, just give me a call. I’d love to talk with you.