Here’s a quick guide for picking the best CRM.

If you Google the term ‘CRM’ you’ll find as many as 20 different platforms. The only question is, which one is best for you?

There’s an adage that states ‘The best CRM is the one you use,’ but I don’t necessarily agree with it. I understand what it means: Something you use is better than something that has all the right buttons that you don’t use. There are a lot of CRM platform variations out there, but in real estate, we have to focus on four main factors:

1. Contract management. Make sure you have the right people in there with the right information. 
2. Lead management. As they move through the pipeline and go from a contact to a lead, you need to be able to track and identify that.
3. Opportunity management. On our team, we classify the leads we have in our buckets according to how soon they’ll transact.
4. Marketing automation. This will help you with different strategies to keep in contact with your customers. 

I’ve used a bunch of CRMs over the years, and I advise that you shop around for one that’s within your budget and provides the four factors mentioned above. Some CRMs can track other things, such as your return on investment. I think that bogs down the whole process with too much information, but to each his own. 

“Your CRM will allow you to multiply your business out.”

If you have questions about this topic or aren’t sure whether or not the CRM you’re using is right for you, give me a call and I’d be happy to chat about some of the experiences my team has had with our various platforms. Keep in mind that your CRM will allow you to multiply your business out. If you use it correctly, you can handle processes and take care of more leads than you would with a notebook, spreadsheet, etc. 

If you have any other real estate needs, feel free to reach out to me as well. I’d love to hear from you.